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Here we go then: album number 4 coming soon…

Posted June 28, 2013

Okay, so it’s been a while since we last posted. Since then we’ve released album number 3 OCDC which turned out rather well, we feel. The lovely people at Naim made the best of it and the cover was Proper …
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Here we go then: album number three coming soon…

Posted December 12, 2011

Hello me lovelies. After a quiet period we’re gearing up for some action.

period of quiet contemplation

Posted July 5, 2011

So … jim and clive are now in portis headland (duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh) … denmark poland slovakia … making intense dark beautiful but not very happy music … but what about pete and me I …
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ketchup /ramble / menu / crytal ball

Posted May 26, 2011

get the blessing … transitory rock jazz .. soundtrack punk circus band …in transition …. transit … trance … trampoline … tranquillisers . exodus of jazz people .. are we jazz people ??? EU standard or wiltshire fatback rollneck ? …
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GTB at the London Blues Fest

Posted May 16, 2011 Wednesday 29th June at the 100 Club We’re delighted to be invited to play at the very first London Blues Festival, and especially to play in the 100 Club, one of the most famous (infamous?) venues in the world. …
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GTB über alles

Posted April 20, 2011

we return to pizza express

Posted March 11, 2011

Le capital

Posted February 9, 2011

Whereas in Paris…platter de poire…rustique, mais aussi sophisticated.

les fromages de Corse


Corse. Magnifique. Les montagnes, les gens, les voix polyphoniques, et…les fromages

Photos from France

Posted February 8, 2011

Photos taken by Manu Pagand at our gig in La Cave à Musique, Mâcon, France on Feb 6: