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GTB über alles

Posted April 20, 2011

we return to pizza express

Posted March 11, 2011

Le capital

Posted February 9, 2011

Whereas in Paris…platter de poire…rustique, mais aussi sophisticated.

les fromages de Corse


Corse. Magnifique. Les montagnes, les gens, les voix polyphoniques, et…les fromages

Photos from France

Posted February 8, 2011

Photos taken by Manu Pagand at our gig in La Cave à Musique, Mâcon, France on Feb 6:

Fulfilment of an ambition

Posted February 7, 2011

We’ve been talking about coming to Paris and having a platter of fruits de mer for 10 YEARS. And here we are.

rock and roll

Posted February 6, 2011

GTB in shock religious conversion


Back in France. First stop Agen for some theological study.

Ronnie Scotts gig SOLD OUT – but if you already have a ticket it’s a 7:30pm start

Posted January 18, 2011

how big?

Posted December 11, 2010

this big?