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excellent, possibly unmissable

Posted September 27, 2019

one of the most original groups on the scene, and every note they play proves that assertion


A group that has established a signature sound but can’t help experimenting with its own identity, with consistently fascinating results.


It’s a dirty love letter to Bristol that doesn’t stop giving, and a truly unique listen that sets the pace for the current UK Jazz revival


Bristopia is bursting with creativity, an album that’s sometimes playful, sometimes dark and sometimes just simply mind blowing. Get The Blessing bring their ‘A’ game to create a uncompromising contemporary jazz-Rock adventure.


atrocious, cacophonous, monotonous, pretentious

Posted August 13, 2018

Astronautilus est la photosynthèse d’un monde insensé, de la part d’un groupe moins planant, plus ténébreux, mais toujours simplement en quête de bénédiction

Posted February 2, 2016

astronautilus on vinyl

Posted December 3, 2015

it’s lush…  

***** The momentum of creativity is undipped

Posted October 8, 2015

**** Seriously creative … wonderfully irreverent

Posted September 11, 2015